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  • The easiest way to learn to speak in English
    Playing is fun. Learning is not. Or that’s how most people think about playing & learning. What if we combine playing & learning? What if […]
  • Why is Monetization Important for Content Platforms and Creators?
    Last week we started allowing creators to monetize their content on Mentza. We believe that the this would allow creators with great quality content to […]
  • Business Storytelling for Cracking Job Interviews
    This is not a fad. Neither is this title a red herring to grab your attention. Job interviews are make or break situations. Hence, the […]
  • Does your accent really matter?
    Everyday English can be scary especially if you’re spreading your wings and beginning to learn a new language. Now if you’ve heard a quick comment […]
  • 6 handy Interview Tips
    You have waited for a long time and today you got a call for this interview. It’s showtime. You are excited, enthusiastic, and positive but […]
  • How to Manage Mental Well-being by doing things we know we should do?
    There is no dearth of science, medicine, psychological help and in equal parts cynicism & fatalism to mental well being. So while on the one […]
  • How to speak in English confidently
    It was in 2016 while I was meeting the ex-MD of a leading bank on a business proposal, that our discussions veered towards Corporate Social […]
  • When is a Community ‘Not’ A Community? Top 5 Reasons
    On Mentza we set ourselves on a path to build the largest, most vibrant audio community of meaningful conversations! Building a Community does not happen overnight. But […]
  • Mentza Wins BW EduTech Award for the Best Digital Learning Company of the Year 
    Everyone has stories to tell. Even when we are doing nothing we are telling stories to ourselves. All that was needed is a safe space […]
  • No Story Untold. No Voice Unheard.
    Every independence day is one step away from the shackles of the colonial past, and one confident steps towards unity and progress. Mentza’s mission is […]
  • 100s of Community Radios Going Live
    When over 300 communities from the deepest village in Nagaland to the biggest metro in India come together to share their stories, when voices from […]
  • Mentza Dailies
    Everyday Social Rituals Now on Mentza Every day, we all want to meditate, invoke positive thoughts, get better at a hobby, learn a few new […]
  • Mentza invites you to Find Your Circle
    The new brand campaign of Mentza is here. The colorful campaign reflects the vibrancy of conversations on Mentza where people share their stories in live […]
  • Coming Full Circle: Mentza Community Architect Meet
    Mentza has taught me that a strong community is a place of growth & meaningful conversations, an opportunity to network & a chance to live […]
  • Earth Day on Mentza
    Earth day is a reminder to all humans that we need to be obsessively concerned about our planet. There is no lack of awareness about […]
  • #1MinuteStories : Taking Fresh Guard at 50
    Tuesdays 7:30 PM IST has been #1MinuteStories time on Mentza for the last 49 weeks. As #1MinuteStories steps into the 50th consecutive week on Tue, […]
  • Stories Of Indian Brands by Debleena Majumdar
    Often times we know of a brand and interact with it in multiple ways throughout our lives but we don’t know anything about the company. […]
  • Mentza Launches Live Audio Access From The Web – A First Of Many
    Last month, Mentza launched its “Community Update”, a re-imagining of the platform as a space for communities built on the bedrock of 20-minute live audio […]
  • Jaipur Literature Festival Mentza: The Perfect Partnership
    When it comes to meaningful conversations, Mentza is quickly becoming the go-to destination. No wonder, when there was an opportunity to bring to the pockets […]
  • Breaking The Bias with Mentza Co-founders
    I have been fortunate to have had a front-row seat to witness my co-founders Tapasi, Jayal and Divya, gracefully demolish all prevailing negative stereotypes about […]
  • A Fight for Freedom – An Introduction to A Fighter Pilot Speaks
    An introduction to the War of 1971 and the associated air combat missions. Yesterday, the Mentza community was treated to an introductory circle of the […]
  • (S)Words of Peace
    War is the ultimate super mixer. It mixes every aspect of our lives. Worse now, because it mixes so globally. Politics, Economy, Sports, Culture and […]
  • Hindi Magic on Mentza
    There is a magic in native language that is difficult to explain but so mesmerising to experience. Hindi does to me what I am sure […]
  • Bulls VS Pistons – A Bloody War
    NBA has witnessed many rivalries and Bulls vs Pistons is not the longest of them all, it’s just the most intense of them all. They […]
  • Guided Reading Meditation
    Bibliotherapy (also referred to as book therapy, poetry therapy or therapeutic storytelling) is a creative arts therapies modality that involves storytelling or the reading of specific texts […]
  • Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison -The Real “Power” War
    Listen to this conversation on the Mentza app. Let’s start with nerd Alert, Edison vs Tesla is one for those who are into the world […]
  • Business Literature Festival 2022
    Mentza and BIMTECH got together for a first of its kind business literature festival on an audio platform. 20-minute conversations on business literature bought out […]
  • Marvel vs DC
    Listen to this conversation on Mentza. Depending on age this could be described as a rivalry between publishers or studios, you could be a fan […]
  • Celebrating All Things Gandhi on Mentza
    On 26th Jan in one of the discussions on Mentza, someone said we don’t celebrate Republic Day the way we did many years back. Come […]
  • Nadal vs Federer – The Greatest Rivalries
    Listen to this 20 minute live audio conversation on Mentza. Tennis has a lot of rivalries, possibly one of the greatest being Bjorn Borg vs […]
  • Communities On Mentza
    Over the last several months we have been developing a social audio platform where people engaged in short conversations that are stories of experiences, curiosities […]
  • Mentza Booker List 2021: Top 15
    On the Book Club, in the course of over 30 weeks, we’ve listened to Mentza folks on the joys of reading, their favourite genres and […]
  • Continuous Bettering 
    In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) our goals, visions and endeavours are constantly updating. While early formative years do shape our being, […]
  • Mentza in 2021
    It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and […]
  • Eat Drink Travel Repeat
    Food & Travel Conversations On Mentza Mentza enables you to vicariously experience the experiences of others. From trivia about ‘Biryanis’ to busting myths about alcohol. […]
  • HeardOnMentza – Career Stories
    Do career ladders look more like jungle gyms now? Do entrepreneurs have the special skill to capitalise on consumer truths that are hidden in plain […]
  • Takeaways from ‘What Life Be Like In 2030?’ – Part 1
    ‘What life be like in 2030’ is a conversation series started by Mahesh Alanthat and Uday Kiran on our platform. It’s an imaginative conversation where […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 6
    Inflection Point Series by Vaishali Bhayani Shah: Leadership Stories Inflection points are like runways in the journey of a leader. They are moments when they […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 5
    Cheering for ‘HER’ On Mentza last week, Shekhar Kapur spoke about the ‘fear of being stuck in the ordinary’. When it comes to ‘HER’ I […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 4
    One never knows where the next dose of inspiration will come from. On Mentza, we have stopped being surprised and started enjoying and expecting them. […]
  • Let’s Talk History. Let’s Talk Business
    Once upon a time, in the world of business… there was a company that lived to tell the tale. This is the story of such companies.
  • Heard This On Mentza – Odd Socks Day Special
    The Anti-Bullying Alliance started Odd Socks Day in 2017 as a way to celebrate what makes us all different, encouraging us to truly be ourselves […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 2
    Be it sharing notes on music, feeling nostalgic about your country being an NRI, discussing the latest tech innovation or something as sensitive as pregnancy […]
  • Eating My Own Dog Food – The Startup Conversations on Mentza
    Couldn’t have eaten my own dog food any better than starting the ‘Start-Up Cliff’ channel with my dear friend Utpal Isser. I guess it helped […]
  • Mentza Wellness Community
    Each month we choose a theme, mark important days, highlight mentza circles for you, invite you to create your conversations and together make the wellness […]
  • Sound of Culture: Mehfil-e-Rajasthan
    21 Episodes. Curated by Govind Singh Bhati and Sharon Genevive. Want to know what culture sounds like? Listen to this glorious series Mehfil-e-Rajasthan. It was […]
  • Polymathy
    A conversation between Mentza Jockeys Nancy & Abhijit about polymathy. A polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to […]
  • Endnote On The Series Skinned Knees and ABCs: A Critique of The Schooling System
    Endnote on the 15 part 20-Minute Live Conversations led by Debarshi Roy and Anushka Ashok.  We love our schools. And we hold our grudges. Irrespective […]