Why is a Circle Core to Mentza?

In the realm of live audio apps, Mentza stands out as a platform that fosters learning, growth, and meaningful connections. At the core of this app lies a concept that encapsulates the essence of its community: the Circle. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of why Mentza chose to name its most... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Misnomers

Image by Dwi Rizki Tirtasujana from Pixabay This blog is based on a discussion on Mentza by @sumaiyavariava on misnomers. You can listen to the full conversation by clicking on the button below if you prefer to listen than read Listen to this Conversation Today, let us embark on a fascinating journey into the world... Continue Reading →

How to switch on your Growth Mindset? 

Fixed mindset is a given.  Growth mindset is hidden.  Something switches it on for some.  The rest never even know that they have always had it, just that it wasn’t switched on.  The Myth Conventional wisdom prescribes a set of self-motivated changes in perspectives and approach to learning and challenges for one to develop a... Continue Reading →

Trying to communicate with difficult people? 😬

Do you ever find yourself struggling to communicate with someone? Maybe it's a coworker who always seems to push your buttons, or a family member who never seems to listen. It maybe someone being bossy, talking over you, backbiting, spreading rumors, or simply not being ready to listen. Whatever the case may be, dealing with difficult people can be frustrating and stressful. But what if I told you that these situations could actually be opportunities for growth and better understanding? The solution lies in self awareness as much as it does in effective communication. Shifting our perspective and utilizing effective communication strategies can help us navigate these challenging situations with grace and professionalism. Let's find out how.

Content Half-Life & The Half-Life of Relevance | Thought Principles for Content Creation For Brands

Do you ever wonder how long your content remains relevant to your audience? In this blog, we explore the concept of content half-life and the half-life of relevance. Inspired by a conversation on Mentza, we delve into the duration that pieces of content take to reach 50% of their total lifetime engagement. While algorithms are great at measuring engagement, they fail at measuring common sense. We also introduce the term "the half-life of relevance" and how it measures the rate of decay of content's relevance over time. As a brand, it's crucial to focus on your audience and create content that answers one fundamental question: "Is this content piece hangout-able?" In this blog, we discuss tactics to increase relevance and hangoutability, such as focusing on audience interests, participating actively in the digital ecosystem, and creating unique, intriguing content.

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