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  • Continuous Bettering 
    In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) our goals, visions and endeavours are constantly updating. While early formative years do shape our being, […]
  • Mentza in 2021
    It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and […]
  • Eat Drink Travel Repeat
    Food & Travel Conversations On Mentza Mentza enables you to vicariously experience the experiences of others. From trivia about ‘Biryanis’ to busting myths about alcohol. […]
  • HeardOnMentza – Career Stories
    Do career ladders look more like jungle gyms now? Do entrepreneurs have the special skill to capitalise on consumer truths that are hidden in plain […]
  • Takeaways from ‘What Life Be Like In 2030?’ – Part 1
    ‘What life be like in 2030’ is a conversation series started by Mahesh Alanthat and Uday Kiran on our platform. It’s an imaginative conversation where […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 6
    Inflection Point Series by Vaishali Bhayani Shah: Leadership Stories Inflection points are like runways in the journey of a leader. They are moments when they […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 5
    Cheering for ‘HER’ On Mentza last week, Shekhar Kapur spoke about the ‘fear of being stuck in the ordinary’. When it comes to ‘HER’ I […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 4
    One never knows where the next dose of inspiration will come from. On Mentza, we have stopped being surprised and started enjoying and expecting them. […]
  • Let’s Talk History. Let’s Talk Business
    Once upon a time, in the world of business… there was a company that lived to tell the tale. This is the story of such companies.
  • Heard This On Mentza – Odd Socks Day Special
    The Anti-Bullying Alliance started Odd Socks Day in 2017 as a way to celebrate what makes us all different, encouraging us to truly be ourselves […]
  • Heard This On Mentza – Vol 2
    Be it sharing notes on music, feeling nostalgic about your country being an NRI, discussing the latest tech innovation or something as sensitive as pregnancy […]
  • Eating My Own Dog Food – The Startup Conversations on Mentza
    Couldn’t have eaten my own dog food any better than starting the ‘Start-Up Cliff’ channel with my dear friend Utpal Isser. I guess it helped […]
  • Mentza Wellness Community
    Each month we choose a theme, mark important days, highlight mentza circles for you, invite you to create your conversations and together make the wellness […]
  • Sound of Culture: Mehfil-e-Rajasthan
    21 Episodes. Curated by Govind Singh Bhati and Sharon Genevive. Want to know what culture sounds like? Listen to this glorious series Mehfil-e-Rajasthan. It was […]
  • Polymathy
    A conversation between Mentza Jockey’s Nancy & Abhijit about polymathy. A polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to […]
  • Endnote On The Series Skinned Knees and ABCs: A Critique of The Schooling System
    Endnote on the 15 part 20-Minute Live Conversations led by Debarshi Roy and Anushka Ashok.  We love our schools. And we hold our grudges. Irrespective […]