Sound of Culture: Mehfil-e-Rajasthan

21 Episodes. Curated by Govind Singh Bhati and Sharon Genevive.

Want to know what culture sounds like? Listen to this glorious series Mehfil-e-Rajasthan. It was a coming together of Mentza a new-age (& new) social audio platform that helps communities to engage meaningfully and the super-talented folk artists from Rajasthan who have been kept away from performances by the life-bending Covid crisis.

As Govind himself says – “Folk music is the music of people. These sessions will recreate the intimacy of authentic folk music gatherings, but above all, we wish to bring you music that blows your mind”. And blown away we were by each of these fantastic artists. Across 21 mesmerising live-audio performances and conversations, each 20-minutes long, Govind introduced us to artists, stories, instruments and music, like we have never known.

Here’s a quick short story to give you a hint of what one could expect when listening to these wonderful sessions:
Shakoor Langa talks about difficulties in learning to play Algoza.

Photo by Neil Greentree
Asin Khan with Rajasthani Sindhi Sarangi and vocals
Dare Khan with ancient string instruments Kamayacha
Iklash Khan Langa on Sarangi
Singer Bundu Khan
Singer Sumitra Das
Master musicians Ganga and Sunder
Master musicians Sugni Joshi
Mohini Devi with Gypsy Songs
Yusuf Khan – Modern Folk Poetry
Khete Khan Master of Khartal
Master Musician Pempa Khan
Bhaga Khan with Devotional Folk & Songs of Kabir

We are looking forward to many more such wonderful stories and music from across the folk world in India and abroad.
Download Mentza to discover more such hidden gems.
Anurag Vaish
Founder Mentza

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