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Mentza Wellness Community

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Each month we choose a theme, mark important days, highlight mentza circles for you, invite you to create your conversations and together make the wellness community a better place. Let’s get you started with an introductory video.

“Mentza Wellness Community has a simple mission. To let practitioners, experts & enthusiasts build an ecosystem of holistic wellness powered by conversations.”

Garima Malik, Community Partner, Mentza Wellness Community

Important Days In November


Be Curious, Be Healthy with Garima

Hear about the vision & versatility of the community from Community Partner, Garima Malik. Also, hear about the theme of the month – Good Nutrition. This event requires RSVP & details will be shared with the registered members.
Come & share your expectations with us, discover the benefits & more. 

Curious To Know More? Email manohar at intemlabs dot com

Manohar Kabeer
Community Manager | Mentza

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