Heard This On Mentza – Vol 2

Be it sharing notes on music, feeling nostalgic about your country being an NRI, discussing the latest tech innovation or something as sensitive as pregnancy losses – the one thing that’s most required is empathy & sensitivity. All of which comes naturally when members believe that they belong to a community. Something that we are witnessing on Mentza, the coming together of audio communities across a wide array of interests.

Here are some highlights from the hundreds of 20-minute conversations that Mentza members engaged in through the last week.

In Conversation with Kavita Seth | RollingStone’s Green Room with Nirmika Singh Ep. 12

Image credits: TOI

What a lovely, free-wheeling conversation with one of my favourite artists, Kavita Seth. She not only sings Sufi, I think she is Sufi. Plain, simple and impactful. Here are some golden words: “सब कुछ ऊपर वाला नवाजता है! आप को बस बताए हुए रास्ते पर चलना है। जितना ऊंचा जाना है उतना ही गहरा भी जाना होता है। जितनी उंची इमरत उतनी ही गहरी नीव।” Of course she did sing a few lines from her various beautiful songs. Catch the 20-minute episode here. And for RollingStone’s Green Room live sessions log on to Mentza at 10 pm IST every Monday.

TGIF Ep. 28 | Inspiration Loaded – With 17yr old Digvijay who has just joined the army by Shaveta Bhardwaj

It’s crazy where 17-year-olds get so much maturity from. Listen to this conversation to figure it out. While most people would advise taking the army stint as a time to relax and get by with some administrative work, Digvijay was mature to see this as an opportunity to discover something more about himself. Any guesses on who amongst us achieved peak success? Catch the 20-minute episode here.

Womaning in India | Ep. 2 Pregnancy Loss Remembrance by Mahima Vashisht

October is Pregnancy Loss Remembrance month. And in these 20-minutes Mahima along with Archana, Uday and Divya focussed on the all so familiar and painful situation of pregnancy losses. It’s quite incredible the mental load that women carry in our culture of silence.

What Schools Won’t Teach with Rajesh Setty | Ep.4 Effectual Thinking by Dr. Saras Saraswathy

Entrepreneurs and thinkers who make things happen are not just causal thinkers, but they are effectual thinkers. They approach goals not with trying to gather what they don’t have, but instead bringing into play what they have – experience, thoughts, skills and knowledge and with what they have, how far they can get and in the process gather more support. Most often effectual thinking moves people towards new horizons that they discover while chancing known goals. Listen to this conversation to discover the meaning and the path to effectual thinking.

BrainSensical with Nandini Das | Everyone wants flexibility at work

Everyone wants flexibility and on almost everything. And organisations are willing to provide for it. In this conversation, some great insights were discovered on why there is such a lack of ‘belongingness’ at work since the pandemic. For instance the fact that strong links have become stronger and weak links have become weaker in covid time (Nandini paraphrasing Satya Nadela) rings so true when we look at our own relationships and connections within the family and with the wider outside world. Catch the 20-minute episode here.

Bollywood Quiz | A for A.R.Rahman with Naresh Kapadia

Quizzes are not just a good way to win prizes or showcase what one knows, but is also one of the most fun & engaging ways to learn about things. Like I discovered this weekend when Naresh Kapadia, a walking-talking Wikipedia on Bollywood, quizzed us on A R Rehman and shared lovely trivia and stories. Listen to all of them here. And to the whole series perhaps.

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