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The Anti-Bullying Alliance started Odd Socks Day in 2017 as a way to celebrate what makes us all different, encouraging us to truly be ourselves and celebrate our uniqueness & individuality. Mentza is a safe & sensitive place for folks to engage with their communities and share such stories that help everyone. Request special focus on the three conversations – One Kind Word, Desire Society and NeuroDiversity as you go through the highlights.

One Kind Word – Building Safe Work Places by Shaveta Bhardwaj and Swarali Sonar.

If these conversations don’t happen on Mentza then Mentza just isn’t worth it. The community, the sensitivity, the empathy, the idea of being invested in each other’s success, all of it comes alive when we listen to such conversations. This one is on workplace bullying. Conscious, non-conscious and deliberate. What have been the experiences? How does one deal with it? What should one expect from colleagues and management? Listen to these stories every week on Fridays at 6:30 pm IST. Check out the last conversation here.


In this episode, Nandini Das spoke about emotion vs emotional and the subtle differences between the two. What drew my attention was her comments on how Neurodiversity needs to be recognised in workplaces, much as how a school would/should support students that are weak in a particular subject. Listen to this 40-second highlight here and join her weekly sessions on Sundays at 1:00 PM.

What marketers can learn from the Netflix series ‘Crown’? by Deepti Karthik

A lovely conversation led by Deepti Karthik. While it was fun to listen to the trivia that everyone shared from the series, Deepti brought in a lot of insights from the research that Nielsen had conducted on the series. My favourite moment from the chat – “No matter how much I loved the idea of being a princess as a kid, after Crown, I say NO THANK YOU!”
Check the chat out here and join this weekly series on Sundays at 5:00 pm IST.

Life Lessons in Creativity and Beyond with THE Shekhar Kapur

What a filmmaker and what amazing thoughts. A surge of fans and many insights. What caught my attention was this little story he narrated: “We are born creative. When my daughter was born she could turn anything into an act of creativity. She would pick up a leaf, play with it and it was an act of creativity. Play is a fundamental act of creativity and we often forget that.” I guess when super creative people age they naturally turn into philosophers. Check the recording here and join the live audio conversations with Shekhar Kapur every Monday at 7:30 pm.

Halvi Vaato by Rutvi Shroff

Rutvi Shroff, runs the Gujarati language channel ‘Halvi Vaato’. She is a Gujarati Literature Evangelist and has invited several contemporary and legendary guests including Radio RJ’s to poets, writers, theatre artists and movie stars. Last Tuesday she invited Yuva Gaurav Puraskar and Takhatsinh Parmar awardee Saumya Joshi, a poet, writer, lyricist, actor and director all rolled into one. He shared several poems including this beautiful romantic poem ‘E naame bolavu chhu tane’.  As he says, “ખ્યાતિમાં કેટલા પણ ઊંચા જાઓ પણ એક ચેલેન્જ એ જ હોય છે કે તમારી ડોર એ એક સામાન્ય માણસોની વચ્ચે કેવી રીતે બંધાય છે. એ જો તૂટી જાય ત્યારે સાહિત્યમાં પતનની શરુઆત થાય છે એવું મારુ મંતવ્ય છે.” (It is most challenging to remain connected to the roots after achieving fame. In my opinion, literature starts failing once that connection breaks). Catch it every Tuesday at 7:30 pm IST. Here’s the last episode. 

A Little Extra By Naveen Lakkur

On the 5th episode of Naveen Lakur’s weekly series “a Little Extra,” he spoke with Sriram Sivarajan CTO at Maatrum Technologies and Legal Ventures about how a good intention complemented by good deeds is what makes things extraordinary. And we got to hear Sriram’s lovely story (which he narrated in the 3rd person) from his work life where his manager helped him recognise the great value of receiving and acting on feedback. Such valuable lessons and insights. Perhaps the reason why he has achieved such amazing success. Listen to this lovely chat here. And join Naveen’s weekly series on Mondays at 8:00 pm.

Children’s Day Talk Show

150 students from the Jai Hind college gathered to listen to Mr Vikas Jagtap founder and resource mobilisation officer of Desire Society. What a noble way to celebrate Children’s Day. The youth of our country is not just innovative in their thinking but also highly compassionate. What else could we have asked for? Listen to the chat here.

DESIRE Society is a non-profit voluntary organisation established in the year 2004 and registered in the year 2005 under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act no 35 or, 2001) in Hyderabad. Now the Organization is functioning in India covering five states, i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra with several programmes in the field of HIV/AIDS, keeping an objective of health development and well-being of children living with HIV/AIDS (CLHAs). The organisation focuses on disadvantaged children emphasising on HIV+ve victims, children abandoned by one or both parents, children of sex workers, truck drivers and children who have been abused and belong to poor socio-economic conditions. As of today, the organisation is able to reach up to 800 needy children across the country.

Transitioning to Clean Energy| COP26 Beyond the Blah Blah with Sarai Bose Aravindakshan.

So what does it matter what we wish for? Ultimately all our hopes of going beyond the Blah Blah seems to have just remained there. It’s been a shame, sometimes year on year, this being the 26th meeting of the parties. There just isn’t enough commitment I guess. But that doesn’t stop us from sharing our thoughts and insights on Mentza. Go listen to this wonderful 20-minute weekly series on Clean Energy every Saturday at 1:30 pm IST. 

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Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

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