Heard This On Mentza – Vol 4

One never knows where the next dose of inspiration will come from. On Mentza, we have stopped being surprised and started enjoying and expecting them. Sample some of these from the last week.

Podcasting in India | 11 year old Abhieshri, a published author with Arisudan Yadav

The voice says 11 years old. And the words, ages of wisdom. Meet Abhieshri a publisher – poetry and prose writer. When asked for advice on how to get started with writing she says – “don’t write all the good parts at once, spread them out” and “write what you want to read”. Don’t hear this because she is a cute 11-year-old, but listen for how she has gone about writing her stories and nurturing those characters. Listen here.
And in case you would want to buy her book, click here.

Blindate: Why do we resist the joy of changing our minds? With Ron Barooah

Why is failure taboo? Why do we listen to refute? What’s stopping our learning journey? Why do we hesitate to fail? What’s an experiment that has a 100% chance of success. What’s a learning mindset? Should we celebrate failure or just accept and move on. Sunday mornings get better with the ‘Blindate’ every week. Listen to this chat here. And as if that wasn’t enough on change, a couple of hours later Nandini Das was on her channel ‘Brainsensical’ talking about our brain’s unique contradictory capability of loving status quo and yet being very adaptive to change. Listen here.

Deconstructing Scams in Financial Markets | Nirav Modi Scam with Vivek Sharma

How do auditors miss them? Can few employees do all of this by themselves? What was RBI up to? Well, so many questions remain unanswered in a SCAM – a word that we are all so familiar with and yet a word that remains of unidentified origin and meaning. Vivek Sharma is an expert, who deconstructs these various scams in India and abroad and brings new insights and knowledge. Every Saturday at 7:00 pm IST. I missed the last session but it was fun to hear the recording.

Rainbow Arch: Art therapy ft. Malvika Sehgaal Kaura with Madhavan Narayanan

Can art be therapy?  Is there a brain science to art beyond the obvious beauty, aesthetics and meaning of it? Can colours help our brain? Does doing the 5 horse painting help you go over blockages and move forward. Well, these and more in this conversation. Madhavan runs this beautiful series on culture every Sunday at 10:00 pm IST. Go check it out.

Enlightened Circle | Meditation & Spirituality by Swati Wadhawan

Imagination and visualisation is a unique gift that humans have and are able to also train it. Traditionally there are many ‘Yogs’ we have and one of them is the ‘Raj Yog’ that facilitates imagination. Listen to this episode. Swati has started this series to talk about mediation and spirituality, every Sunday noon IST.  

Back to the 80s | Trump cards and other collectables by Gavin Remedios

This Sunday morning weekly conversation is quickly becoming a favourite. Light-hearted chit chats, nostalgia, stories & trivia galore. This week was all about collectables – crowns, stamps, Maggi recipes, phone cards and so on. Listen here.

Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

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