Heard This On Mentza – Vol 6

Inflection Point Series by Vaishali Bhayani Shah: Leadership Stories

Inflection points are like runways in the journey of a leader. They are moments when they really take off. All leaders have great stories about inflection points that shaped their journeys and brought about a shift for them.

Vaishali Bhayani Shah has been bringing these stories to Mentza, through her channel ‘Inflection Point’. Packed with insights, inspiration and direction for all of us. Here’s a summary of this series thus far.

“How Do We Celebrate Failures?” With Coach Akhil Iyer 

Only someone who describes himself as an active experimenter in life can talk about celebrating failures. Delay doesn’t mean denial, we sympathise but expect empathy, now people are not climbing just one ladder, but perhaps another and another in parallel. Deep thoughts – aren’t they? Listen to some great advice and ways of managing failure here. 

Is Speaking Up Always Essential To Rise Up? With Neeraja Ganesh

Michelle Obama once said, “If you have a seat on the table speak up. Shame on it if we sit by and let an imposter talk us down”. Want to hear stories of what it means to speak up? Listen to this inspiring conversation from someone who is absolutely passionate about bringing a positive mindset shift amongst women and students with every interaction that she has with them. 

An Event That Changed My Life And The Course Of My Career With Mr. Ravi Krishnamurthy, President – SBI Mutual

A moment of failure is a great time to learn. For Ravi, it was about learning how to manage people. As he says, It’s important to listen to (understand) what people don’t tell you. I made sure that the unsaid words of my team travelled faster to the corporate than the said ones. That’s perhaps what it means to have this great ability to see the big picture along with the small one at all times. Listen here.  

The Turning Point That Catalyzed The Shift In My Career Featuring Lavanya Ashok, Partner, Trifecta Capital Advisors  

Isn’t it amazing to be drawn towards a career choice, while being a summer intern, to drop it on the advice of a mentor, and then come back to it after a decade? Lavanya’s desire to support the dreams of young Indian tech startups brought her to Trifecta after 11 years of playing her craft at Goldman Sachs. Listen to her talk about the fund, about founders and her own journey in this lovely conversation.

What Is An Intelligent Risk? How Important Is It To Take Them In Your Professional Career? With Rishab Sethi From LinkedIn 

Intelligent risk has many forms I guess. One is seeking a balance between professional and personal risk. And another perhaps is knowing how to work with science and gut, all at the same time. As Rishab says, If one over indexes on data and insights, one wouldn’t arrive at solutions like Mentza. Well, I agree completely – science is to assist humans, not make decisions for them. Listen to this free-wheeling chat. 

A Turning Point In My Life, Which Shifted And Changed My Course” With Jaya Janardanan, COO Indostar Finance  

Learning from others’ journeys and experiences is fine because ‘copy-paste’ as she says is not always a bad thing. So what can we learn from Jaya’s journey? One, perhaps is the need to go-grab opportunities when they appear, even if at that moment it may feel like one is not ready for it. Because opportunities don’t come knocking often. This and many other stories in this conversation.

What Made Me A Compassionate Leader? featuring Bhavna Toor, Founder & CEO Of Shenomics 

Are women naturally compassionate? Do they find more collaborative ways of doing things? Are they more gentle towards one’s own self? Are they less self-critical? These and many other ways of being compassionate to self and thus leading compassionately is what Bhavana told us in this conversation. Check it out.

A Turning Point In My Professional Journey With Prof. Biju Toms From Christ University 

Listen to Prof Biju Toms from Christ University speak about building a very unique program for students. While every other university was focused on a conventional curriculum, Christ University was modelling a student-centric program, focusing on students’ support and progression. What it meant was a lot of change – training faculty to operate differently, drive meaningful internships and jobs, design unique curriculum and so on. Listen to this revolutionary approach to education here.

Intrapreneurship, Blue Sky Mindset And How To Get Unstuck In Your Career?” With Gopal Iyer – Strategic Change Management Consultant

9 years back, Gopal woke up with a heart pounding at 284 bpm. Diagnosed with a rare cardiovascular disorder, he chose not to go for the surgical procedure. Two weeks later, his dad passed away. Such are moments when inflections happen. Gopal realised that life is short and one has so much to do. He changed his life thereon. But that’s not the only inflection point in this conversation. Listen about such Inflection points from Gopal and also learn about Intrapreneurship and Blue Sky thinking.

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