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Do career ladders look more like jungle gyms now? Do entrepreneurs have the special skill to capitalise on consumer truths that are hidden in plain sight? Do we need to innovate payment methods for the emerging gig workforce? Do fresh out of college entrepreneurs appreciate the value of ‘trust’ in building teams? Well, these and so many more career stories were shared on Mentza last week. Here are some of them.

Blindate: Do we celebrate managers more than entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is no more a minority aspiration. It’s mainstream. It’s celebrated and to a large extent glamourised, irrespective of whether they are hugely successful or not. Deservingly I guess, because entrepreneurs not only display extraordinary risk appetite but also have the knack to find the right problems to solve, often problems that are hidden in plain sight. Check out the Naukri and Zomato stories that Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of InfoEdge, shares in this conversation with Ron Barooah, Anjan Ray, Archana B and Abhijit Bhaduri.

New Payment Solutions for Gig Workers

Gig workers enjoy the freedom, choice and flexibility in work that most of us full-timers can only dream of. Gig working is in early stages in India and the one aspect that demands attention is paying the gig workers in a way that is assuring, brings certainty and provides sustenance when projects are long drawn. In this conversation, Sanjay Lakhotia, Debu Mishra, Ashish Gakrey and Tanvir Singh discuss some of the ways in which this is being managed. Listen here.

CAREER CONNECT WITH DELL – Is Networking required for building your personal brand?

There was a time when one desperately tried to find a reference within a company to nudge one’s own chances of landing a job. With job markets opening up in the way they have, what one needs now is perhaps a large ecosystem of networks to tap the best opportunities. With most employees today in an ‘open to change’ state rather than ‘happy not going anywhere’ or ‘desperately looking out’, networking plays an even larger role. As Vinita Gera says the career ladder is now more like a jungle gym, and in this gym, if you have the right network you will probably be able to tap into the right opportunity even before it got published. Listen to the stories that Tejas Pandit, Nupur Sachdev, Natasha S and Vinita Gera shared.

Freshnest: Hydroponics startup by young Entrepreneurs | Startup Cliff

I have been incessantly complaining about the severe lack of entrepreneurial aptitude or attitude training and encouragement in our schooling system. Therefore it is very heartening to see the role that Christ University is playing in helping students discover and progress their entrepreneurial journeys. Ronak Singhvee, Tanay Raj and Gokul Prajeeth talk about their enterprise – FreshNest and their alma mater Christ University in this conversation with me and Uday Kiran.

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