Mentza in 2021

It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and collective wisdom. What we have at the end of the year are beautiful communities where members come together and share their experiences, their hacks, their stories, tips and tricks.

In short 20-minute live conversations, 75,000 registered users have created over 100,000 minutes of inspiring stories. All stored in beautiful portfolios of sessions and highlights. Let’s take a look at the incredible communities on Mentza.


This community has seen incredible growth over the past few months. There is something for everyone. From sharing fitness stories to meditation to alternative healing techniques to demystifying cancer.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Demystifying Cancer by Kavitha Jain
2. Let’s Talk Fitness by Archana B
3. Fitness Stories by Garima Malik


Movies, music, art, stories, banter interest you? We have such a fantastic community that is so passionate about these topics. We love how Mentza is always evolving and dons many hats. You can network and grow professionally if you want but you can also take a step back and discuss things that are not connected professionally or both. Its truly incredible.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Trivial Pursuits by Uday Kiran
2. Saturday Sundowner Symphony by Anjan Ray
3. Movie Masti Magic by Neeraja Rao


So many great conversations in this community. From mulling over the best wines to discussing 80s nostalgia, sharing travel stories or talking about food and culture, if you’re into these topics then you need to be part of this awesome community on Mentza.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Back to the 80s by Gavin Remedios
2. 99% Wine by Karun Grover
3. Live & Learn by Ram Prasad


A whole new generation of parents are wanting to share their experiences and learn from others in the same journey. Be part of a wide range of conversations on child care & development and growing up as parents with other parents, childcare specialists, doctors, psychologists and more.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Parenting is Fun(ny) by Deepti Karthik
2. Parenting Perspectives by Jharna Jagtiani
3. Parenting: Through a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Lens by Chandrika Iyer


Want to stay ahead of the competition? Want to hear amazing stories about the brands you love? Want to geek out on stats? This community is for you. Some of the most fascinating storytellers and professionals are always willing to converse and help.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. What Life Be Like in 2030 by Mahesh Alanthat
2. The Storytellers by Debleena Majumdar
3. Futurism by Madhavan Narayan


There are so many incredibly insightful conversations that happen on Mentza that can help you upskill and grow professionally. They can even help you expand your network which is truly the cherry on the cake. We can’t even mention a few of the people that are part of this community because all of them are so unique and bring so much value that you should take your time and go through all the conversations that take place in this community.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. What Schools Won’t Teach by Rajesh Setty
2. The Startup Cliff by Anurag Vaish
3. TGIF – celebrate life and work by Shaveta Bhardwaj


Have a book that you want to discuss with folks who’ve also read it or are keen to listen? Join conversations with upcoming and published authors. Discuss writing. Discover new books and explore new genres. This is the place to be for the love of books and joy of reading.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Discussing books, characters & guide to reading by Books On Toast
2. Making Of An Author by Tapasi Mittal
3. Book Club by Uday Kiran


Discuss the human condition, behaviour change- and grapple with wicked problems like sustainability, Poverty, climate change with other practitioners and thinkers. Discuss gender equality, diversity and representation in a fast-changing world.

Listen to the most popular channels:
1. Womaning in India by Mahima Vashist
2. Sustainability made Simple by Diti Kotecha
3. Curious You by Jafar Baig


Connect with the most eclectic Gujarati gang engaged in a wide variety of conversations on art, cinema, entrepreneurship, parenting, sports and wellbeing.

Listen to this conversation by Rutvi Shroff:
7ટાઈમ્સ નેશનલ ટ્રાઇથલોન ચેમ્પિયન POOJA CHAURUSHI સાથે |હળવી વાતો|

If you’ve been part of Mentza and engaged with others in conversations, we’ve done an AI analysis of your conversations. Open the app on your phone and press on the banner to access your #mentzaecho today and share it with the world.

We hope that you have a wonderful 2022. A very happy New Year from Team Mentza. We’re looking forward to growing with you in the new year.

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