Continuous Bettering 

In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) our goals, visions and endeavours are constantly updating. While early formative years do shape our being, personal development never stops. Continuously borrowing from other people’s stories while shaping your own is perhaps the one way to stay ahead. Mentza is a place like that where mentors, leaders and curious learners have so many beautiful conversations that can shape our bettering journey. Sample a few here: 

What Schools Don’t Teach Us – Every Tuesday 8pm IST 

A 23- part series that talks about everything that schools won’t teach us. Laced with experience the stories are inspiring people to make small changes in their everyday lives. The conversation on ‘To Think List’ was particularly fascinating for me where he spoke about how the quality of thinking determines the quality of life. And so a ‘To Think List’ is an absolute necessity, as much as a ‘to-do’ one is. Listen to the entire conversation here.

A Little Extra – Ability To Extinguish Anger Is Extraordinary – Every Monday at 8pm IST

This is a channel where Naveen Lakkur brings extraordinary people to share their stories and experiences and he calls these little valuable gems ‘little extras’. “Never should you deliver the truth in an unpleasant way” – Rama Kanth Middela who lives in Dallas and works for Accenture is a techie by profession but his passion lies in yoga & meditation. These were the words by his mentor to him while he was analysing a situation where Rama Kanth lost his temper. Anurag answers a question in the chat saying “Anger is one of the most beautiful emotions we have” and goes on to tell them a story about an incident at the workplace. Naveen has this great ability to pick ‘key points’ from the stories which he calls ‘little extras’. Listen to this conversation. 

Be You – Radical Honesty & Fears – Every Friday at 6:40pm IST

The conversations led by Pia Singh is about dealing with ‘comfort zone’ and experimenting with aspects like radical honesty and overcoming fear. In this episode, Nancy talks about how being in a comfort zone is generally perceived as a negative thing because people say you can’t succeed and grow if you’re always in your comfort zone but it also exists to maintain some level of sanity. Pia talks about having a large comfort zone because that enables an individual to take risks that shape them. “Our comfort zone is where we go to recharge in an ever-changing world.” She goes on to explain the stretch, risk and die zones and how to navigate through them. Listen to this conversation.

Perishable Wisdom – Every Thursday at 9pm IST

A deep weekly conversation led by Shayamal Vallabhjee about healing. In this episode, Shruti shares a very personal story of a loss. Shayamal spoke about how ‘grief’ is unique and beautiful in its own way. Everybody experiences it in a different way. He also shares an incredible story of his friend from Israel which we recommend you listen to. Simi and Anurag also shared stories close to them about feeling pain and going through grief.

Innerversity – How To Master Your Youniverse – Every Tuesday at 9pm IST

We’re very happy with Innerversity starting their new channel on our platform. The idea behind Vickie and Wendi’s channel is to empower the best version of yourself. How do you use your inner self to get outer world success and happiness in your career and life? You are capable of so much more than you think you are. There is so much value that can come out of these conversations that we cannot recommend them enough. Listen to the introductory session here (a great question about confidence by Jafar and a really good answer by Wendi) and remember that Innerversity circles will take place every Tuesday at 9:00pm IST.

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