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Over the last several months we have been developing a social audio platform where people engaged in short conversations that are stories of experiences, curiosities and expertise. Short conversations that were influencing the lives of each other. No wonder, the power of audio combined beautifully with the stories of people, to transform Mentza into a home for communities, where people engaged and felt heard.

Whether one is a budding poet looking for inspiration, a marketer looking to exchange case studies, a founder wanting to share her journey or a student, musician, traveller – everyone found their tribes. We have responded to this organic evolution.

Conversations Connect, Communities Thrive.

If you’re new to Mentza or an existing member, here is a product demo of the community UI.

We are on a mission to build strongly knit and vibrant communities that offer a safe space for conversations – where polarities and hierarchies don’t exist, and everyone has an equal platform to share, learn and grow. Discover this and more on our app designed to foster communities on a range of subjects where people come together to exchange stories, ideas, learnings, and joys – without prejudices and filters.

We have roped in the very best of experts as Community Architects to design, and propel discussions in our vibrant communities. With the vision and passion of our architects, we are committed to providing our users with discussions that foster growth and learning and bring joy and meaning to our lives.

Our Community Architects will be the anchors of our communities, curating conversations that enrich lives, spread joy, and foster growth and learning. Come say hello to them, as they embark on a journey to build the most perfect communities for you around a range of subjects covering self-development, start-ups, parenting, arts and culture, books, social change, design, innovation, and more.

Mentza now has more than 100,000 members, thousands of 20-min conversations, over 150 channels hosted by subject matter experts and over 100K mins of recorded audio conversations! We can’t wait for you to add your stories, thoughts & experiences. 

Looking forward to being in a conversation circle with you.

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