Business Literature Festival 2022

Mentza and BIMTECH got together for a first of its kind business literature festival on an audio platform. 20-minute conversations on business literature bought out unique perspectives from a diverse set of panelists. Beginning with the relevance of business literature festivals, exploring newer mediums for reading; how books can be tools for brand building; evolution of business literature and the future of this genre.

These were some of the key takeaways:

  1. Business Literature festivals help in the discovery of many new writers who could be leaders, entrepreneurs and practitioners sharing their stories and experiences. Business stories capture the ‘How’ things got done – this is real, contextual learning.
  2. Audibles & audio platforms like Mentza lend a great mix of convenience and learning on the go. All it takes is to get on the audio platforms and give oneself to the experience. The payoffs are incredible.
  3. Writing a book and getting it published can be cathartic and an equally rewarding experience. Setting out to write a book is a transformational experience and has the potential to create a strong brand for the author as long as the readers sense authenticity and gain value.
  4. When leaders learned to communicate with better storytelling, showing their vulnerabilities and failures – business literature took off to the next level.
  5. The nature and content of business literature will evolve around multiple new mediums. Individual creators will have options to share stories through newsletters, podcasts and live audio platforms and repurpose the content on the go. Vernacular and local stories will spur on this growth to the next level.

Here are the conversations that took place on 4th February for the Business Literature Festival 2022

Why Business Literature deserves its own fest – Listen On App

Do Biz Book Readers Prefer Other Media? – Listen On App

A Short History of Business Literature – Listen On App

Books as brand building tools – Listen On App

Future of Business Literature in India – Listen On App

The seven-hour virtual literary event witnessed book discussions, book launches, themed panel talks, author interviews, masterclasses and contests. The fest was a kaleidoscope of featured books on diverse topics ranging from self-awareness, entrepreneurship, dairy and agricultural industry, branding and marketing, women authorship, future skills, research and leadership. More than 28 eminent speakers ranging from academic leaders, corporate stalwarts, bureaucrats and writers along with 17 books fresh out of oven were showcased in the unique confluence of literati and bibliophiles. The fest particularly voiced the need to encourage women authorship as well as reiterate the importance of inclusion of literature in business classes.

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