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There is a magic in native language that is difficult to explain but so mesmerising to experience. Hindi does to me what I am sure one’s own native language does to each one of you. On Mentza, we have many conversations in Hindi that are quickly becoming my favourites. Here’s a quick over view of some of them.


If someone asked me what could ever make Madhushala better, I would say hear it from Arisudan Yadav. Having heard him over these several weeks, I understand that Madhushala is not just a poetry but a collections of life-stories in-and-around Harivanshrai Bacchan, each one of which Arisudan narrates in this series. Check out the latest episode below.

Every Sunday 8:00 PM IST. Check out these 31 episodes and join the many more that are to come.

Bhagwad Geeta

Who ever says people get wise when they get old, haven’t met Raghav Maheshwari. Such sorted thinking, deep understanding of religion, mythology and above all the meaning of a good life, at this young age is incredible. Raghav has been familiarizing members of Mentza with words and meanings of Bhagwat Geeta day after day for weeks now. Each one a treat. Check out the latest episode below.

Everyday 8:00 PM IST. Check out the episodes (Use the Mentza app).

Banaras Ke Ghat Se

And then we have the marvelously calm, composed and knowledgeable Anupam Prem Sharma – A priest, social media guruji and a dreamer. All at a very young age. His conversation series ‘Banaras Ke Ghat Se’ is a treasure trove of stories straight from the holy city of India. In one of the episodes, he talks about the architecture of Banaras and says – “If you drew 7 concentric circles and 8 lines it would intersect in 56 points, and at each of those 56 points a Ganesha temple was built.” Check out the latest episode.

Every Friday at 8:00 PM IST. Check out the episodes (Use the Mentza app).

Hindi Books Circle by Arisudan Yadav

Arisudan started the first episode with “Kanupriya”, a beautiful poetic khand-kavya written by Dharmvir Bharati. A poetic book about Radha’s reflections on her relationship with Krishna. A brilliant start and an endless journey of story telling. So much to look forward here. Books that some of us might not read but will know.

Every Saturday, 8:30 PM IST. Use the Mentza app to access the channel.

Mahabharatha | The Retelling

The finest story tellers Uday Kiran and Arisudan Yadav have come together to bring a bilingual narration of Mahabharata. All the back stories, deep connections between characters and of course the main plot, coming together one 20-minute conversation at a time. Must say, its a must for children and parents to hear together and bond over these fascinating stories. Just 6 episodes down and expecting to hear 100s of them over the months. Listen to the last episode below.

Every Saturday at 10:00 PM IST. Use the Mentza app to access the channel.

Here’s my two bit on how Mentza is everything that I had ever hoped for. A crucible of Curiosity, Story Sharing and Shaping. All in one-20 minute conversation at a time.

जिज्ञासा की उंगली पकड़े
जाने कहां कहां घूम आए
कुछ पत्ती कुछ फूल थोड़े पत्थर थोड़ी धूल
जाने क्या क्या समेट लाए

लोगों ने पूछा भटक गए हो क्या
हमने कहा पिटारॉ भर रहे हैं
उन्हे थी उम्मीद, और हमें यक़ीन
इस ही  पिटारे से निकलेगा जीवन का मायने एक दिन।

Enjoy Mentza. More than 100,000 members, thousands of 20-min conversations, over 150 channels and over 100K mins of recorded audio conversations and highlights! We can’t wait for you to add your stories, thoughts & experiences. Looking forward to being in a conversation circle with you.

Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

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