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War is the ultimate super mixer. It mixes every aspect of our lives. Worse now, because it mixes so globally. Politics, Economy, Sports, Culture and everything else. Yet there are no winners, no matter how powerful one is over the other. War is an UnCelebrate.

The surround sound – war songs, poetries, protests, movies, stories and symphonies aren’t celebration of war but of the courage, belief and resilience of mankind in the wake of the worst possible form of human engagement. The very evocative Russia-Ukraine conflict inspired a myriad of conversations on Mentza. Check some of them out here.

Voices from the Ground: Live from Ukraine

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Karnvir Singh Mundrey

In the middle of this war, Karnvir got to speak with Vasyl Myroshnychenko, co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, established as an NGO by strategic communications professionals in March of 2014. The goal of the organisation is to amplify Ukraine’s voice internationally. We not only heard the anger but also stories of resilience and determination to fight back against the invaders.

Saturday Sundowner Symphony – Time for Peace

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Anjan Ray

Symphonies inspired by wars, but speaks to the conciliatory minds. From across war periods and replete with anecdotes and backstories here are some truly magnificent symphonies to entertain.

मानवता और युद्ध

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Govind Singh Bhati

युद्ध कही भी हो घायल हमेशा मानवता ही हुई है । एक छोटी सी चर्चा हाल के युक्रेन- रुस युद्ध और मानवता को हो रहे नुकसान पर.

Tsars, Rasputin & the Russian Revolution

Channel: Trivial Pursuits | Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Channel Initiator: Uday Kiran

Russia is the central story today. But it’s perhaps just history repeating itself as Uday shares anecdotes and references OTT series, podcasts and Wikipedia trolls.

The Ghost of Kyiv

Community: Behaviour & Social Change | Initiator: Mo onlyname

Reports galore of an Ace fighter pilot prowling the skies over Kyiv, hunting down Russian aggressors. They say that he got 6 kills on the very first day of the conflict. Is this real? Or is this propaganda to keep morale and spirits up?

Why is Russia at war with Ukraine?

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Anand MP

A conversation around the reasons why the situation has escalated to the brink of a war? The contrarian view of NATO as the aggressor. A rounded view of Russia, NATO and the unfortunate victim – Ukraine.

It’s not WW3! But let’s talk about Ukraine

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Mo onlyname

It’s alarming what is happening in Ukraine. but it’s not and should never be WW3. This topic certainly gets the adenine pumping. This talk is about Ukraine, Putin, War and even some scary missile tech.

FighterPilotSpeaks| 1971 War | ft Harish M

Community: Travel, Food & Lifestyle | Initiator: Shaveta Bhardwaj

And in the middle of the Russian- Ukrainian conflict, we had Air Marshal Harish Masand (R) share his experiences and perspectives.

Future of Energy | Role of Oil and Gas Industry

Community: Behaviour & Social Change | Initiator: Sarai Bose Aravindakshan

Energy is perhaps a central casualty of Russian-Ukraine conflict. This conversation is not directly contextual to the conflict, but explores the role of the Oil and Gas industry in the Clean Energy Future. Oil and Gas Industry is usually considered as a problem or hindrance to the Clean Energy Transition. But considering the technical and financial advantage that they have accumulated over the years, can they be part of the the solution to achieve a cleaner greener future? Let us hear your thoughts on this topic.

Rainbow Arch: Culture and Society

Community: Arts, Culture & Media | Initiator: Madhavan Narayanan

This conversation was all about the most popular war movies from across the world. From A town like Alice, Life is Beautiful, Schindlers List to our very own Border, Pulwama, Uri, Haqeeqat amongst others.

Enjoy Mentza. Over 100,000 members, thousands of 20-min conversations, 150+ channels and 100K+ mins of recorded audio conversations and highlights! We can’t wait for you to add your stories, thoughts & experiences. Looking forward to being in a conversation circle with you.

Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

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