Jaipur Literature Festival Mentza: The Perfect Partnership

When it comes to meaningful conversations, Mentza is quickly becoming the go-to destination. No wonder, when there was an opportunity to bring to the pockets of Mentza members, the world’s most valuable literary conversations, we grabbed it. A big thank you to Teamworks and Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) for choosing us as your first ever LiveAudio partner.

JLF, is back to being an on-ground festival after two years of Covid hiatus. And it’s going to be bigger and better. Through the 10th to 15th March, from 10 AM to 7 PM everyday you will be able to hear the live literary events, participate in post-pre session conversations, make a personal library of these conversations and the highlights you take, create your own circles of conversations and truly make the festival your very own, from the comfort of wherever you are.

Some key speakers to look forward to include Barkha Dutt, William Dalrymple, Anupama Chopra, Vandana Bhandari, Alok Nandi, Harsh Mariwala with conversations across genre – Books, Art, Culture, Politics, Social Change, Music, Poetry, Travel, Professional growth, Entrepreneurship, Storytelling, Journalism, Languages, Design and Innovation.

Several of our Mentza members will be at the event bringing you the festival live, moderating the live sessions and making the event all the more vivid for all of us on Mentza.

New Feature: Mentza has launched a web live feature. Meaning, when you tap a conversation link on a desktop it opens the live session on your browser. You will not be able to speak or chat, but you can start listening immediately, while you download the Mentza App and set up your account on your mobile.

Here are the full list of sessions that would be available on Mentza. Do sign up as listeners on these circles by visiting the app. This will ensure that you are reminded in time.

Enjoy Mentza. Over 100K members, thousands of 20-min conversations, 200+ channels and 150K+ mins of recorded audio conversations and highlights! Conversations that range from Parenting, Social Change, Books, Entrepreneurship, Art, Music, Food, Travel to Finance, in different languages organised in 12 curated communities, ensures that your experience is an enriching one.

Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

We can’t wait for you to add your stories, thoughts & experiences. Looking forward to being in a conversation circle with you.

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