Mentza Launches Live Audio Access From The Web – A First Of Many

Last month, Mentza launched its “Community Update”, a re-imagining of the platform as a space for communities built on the bedrock of 20-minute live audio conversations. As Mentza approaches one year since the date of its release, the platform is now home to hundreds of creators from around the world, including most recently, The Jaipur Literature Festival. 

To empower creators to further grow their audience and reach, all Mentza live audio conversations and recordings are now available on the web for instant access with no download required. Try it out by clicking here. Interested listeners can simply tap on a web link and they will be instantly taken to a webpage to listen to the live conversation, or the recording if the session has ended. Mentza is the only social audio platform to offer this feature to all creators and their audience anywhere in the world. 

Enabling this feature entailed a re-structuring of Mentza’s internal systems to accommodate listeners from the web and the Mentza app to enable seamless interoperability between all users regardless of their choice of method. This effort paves the way for various interesting possibilities to further empower the reach of Mentza creators, and availability of the Mentza library of content.

Mentza is also the first to launch an ‘Audio Portfolio‘, one-tap highlight feature in live audio and recordings, a creator studio that helps our creators create content to be published on social media and other audio platforms and lastly an AI based profiling of conversations to help self-improvisations.

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