Stories Of Indian Brands by Debleena Majumdar

Often times we know of a brand and interact with it in multiple ways throughout our lives but we don’t know anything about the company. You might be really curious about a Bajaj, Fevicol or Asian Paints but researching is time-consuming and not everyone wants to go that route.

Fortunately, we have Debleena Majumdar who has a channel called ‘The Storytellers: History Of Business’ on Mentza who does all the hard work of researching and finding fascinating insights on these brands and packages them in insightful 20-min conversations. Most of the episodes are with Mentza founder Anurag Vaish and Marketing, Design & Innovation Community Architect, Uday Kiran both of them bringing their own insights and experiences which adds a lot more value to these conversations.

All the conversations on Mentza are recorded so even if you’ve missed out on the live sessions, we highly recommend revisiting these when you fancy a quick burst of insight.


The origins of this massive brand dates back to 1905! From sugar to cement to electrical appliances to scooters, they had their hands on a wide variety of products. The conversation goes into a discussion about ‘Humaara Bajaj’ ads and branding and how Bajaj was a consumer-centric brand that created an emotional connect with its consumers. Listen to this on the app.


A fascinating conversation about one of the oldest brands in the country. Check out this video we made about the origins of the brand listen to the conversation on the app.

Dr Reddy’s

Out of all the companies that they have discussed in this channel Dr Reddy’s is one of the comparatively younger brands. Starting in the 80s, Dr Reddy wanted to create access to medicine in a more affordable way. Sounds like the vision statement of a social impact startup but ended up becoming a pharmaceutical giant. Listen to this conversation.


The conversations are usually about Indian businesses but Cadbury was an exception. They have been in India since 1948 and it’s wonderful to learn how they have ‘Indianized’ some of their products and also done some brilliant marketing. Remember the girl running onto the cricket field ad? Listen to this on the app.

Asian Paints

Contrary to popular belief, Asian Paints was not the first paint company in India. That credit goes to Shalimar Paints. In 1942 the import of foreign paints was banned in India and it is during this time that 4 people decided to start their own paint company in a garage. In the 1970s Asian Paints became one of the first companies in India to buy a mainframe computer. More interesting facts about the company in the full conversation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, working for a start-up or corporate or just interested in Indian history, we highly recommend going through Debleena’s channel. Each conversation is filled with fascinating insights that might inspire you in ways you cannot imagine. You never know, it might seed an idea that might help you start your own business that might end up in a future episode of ‘The Storytellers.’

Anurag Vaish | Founder Mentza

Download Mentza to listen to be part of many such wonderful conversations. Remember, everyone has a story to tell.

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