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Earth day is a reminder to all humans that we need to be obsessively concerned about our planet. There is no lack of awareness about the issues that threaten us, but there certainly is a lack of actions mostly driven by our own inability to imagine them. For instance, I love the idea of a paper straw in my Starbucks coffee, but the experience sucks when the paper straw gets all soggy. Sounds like a compromise. Should earth friendly mean poor tradeoffs. How can we design experiences that don’t feel like compromises. The first principles of adoption are Likability and Ease. Without them there is no sustainable behaviour change possible.

Listen to these wonderful live-audio conversations across different communities on Mentza, as they talk about problems and solutions with equal zest.  Here are some of my favourites from the day. 

Discussion on Minimalism led by Archana B

This conversation was centred around how minimalistic lifestyle helps in the long run, even if it might seem like an immediate burden. Bajrang summed up the episode beautifully with a Kabir Doha.

साईंइतनादीजिये, जामेकुटुंबसमाये।

मैंभीभूखानरहूँ, साधूनभूखाजाए।

Obsessing over healthy materials by Manan Pahwa Channel: Materionimics Fridays 7:00 PM IST 

In this episode of the channel Materionomics on the special earth day the focus was to rewind and relive all the materials that have been covered in these conversations over the past several weeks. The idea that ‘true and absolute’ sustainable material do not exist is a good to know, but what’s really useful is to know that ‘what’s good for yourself’ is also most likely ‘good for earth’ – Biodegradable, light weight and so on. Thought that was a nice heuristic to deploy when pondering about materials. 

Bottom-Up Design, Case-study of Reviving Repair by Jayal Shroff Channel: Designing for Eco-Sustainability Fridays 3:30 PM

In our daily rush we do make some choices and decisions which are not intentionally unsustainable. They just happen to be more convenient, cheaper or just seemingly more user friendly. But we forget that we are the same people who were raised to go to the nukkad (around the corner) to get our school shoes resoled or get our jeans darned. Our parents ensured that we used our ‘stuff’ until their very end-of-life. In this conversation Jayal  discusses a project that tries to revive the same habits that we had before the shiny malls took over.

Picking Plastic Bags from the Streets of Greece by Jayal Shroff

In this conversation, Jayal Shroff caught up with Diti Kotecha, someone who has dedicated her entire life to protecting the environment in her own way. Like she says, ‘regardless whether a brand is sustainable or not, circularity is very important in helping the environment. Case in point: Plastics’ 

Ways to Reduce Carbon Impact by Karuna Grover

The conversation focussed on aspects like masks, wipes and things of the sort that are now everywhere. Things that are harming us, our animals and our planet. The interesting point for me was the very many calculators that Karuna referred to for ways of measuring carbon footprint – Carbon Footprint Calculator, World WildLife Fund Footprint Calculator, Nature Conservative Carbon Footprint Calculator and Conservation International Carbon Footprint Calculator. I did check a couple of them out, through they do appear a bit more US focussed. 

EarthJust Ecosystems 

EarthJust Ecosystems is an organisation focussed on Promoting sustainable living/ working practices for a sundar, swachh, swasth, saksham, samriddh, sanyukt, satat – samaj. They conducted a bunch of conversations on Mentza. Sample some of them, here:

For Nature, by Nature & of Nature in Schools

A discussion on how education can be designed to help kids learn ways of working that are inherently sustainable.

Sustainable Eating – Sustainability & Self

We all love food but does your food love the planet? This discussion explores the relationship between food, planet and health with Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Aneeta Madhok.

Sustainable Farming – Sustainability & Soil

A discussion on organic farming & food with Dinesh Sharma, a sustainable farmer.

Sustainable Health – Sustainability & You

The journey of sustainability starts with self. This conversation deconstructs sustainable health & fitness without equipments with Garima Malik, a certified wellness coach.

Sustainable Home – Sustainability & Self

In this conversation, Gaurav Mahendru – founder, Berry Clean, talk about sustainable homes – some quick hacks and some natural alternatives that are healthy for planet, society & self

Sustainable Schools for our Next Generation

The next generation is going to the ones affected by climate change the most. And we are banking on them to be the agents of change as well. In this conversation, an educator talk about ways of making schools sustainable.

A big thank you to all of the speakers who shared their stories & insights and made these conversations lively and applicable. 

Manan Pahwa Jayal Shroff Mo Just Mo Richa Sharma hemant Kumar Arisudan Shambhavi J Bajrang S Chaitali Bhatt Vishal U Sharon Genevive Selvaraj Raman Earth Just Ecosystems Gurpreet Kaur Shrey Gupta Anshul Dalia  FZ Anita Madhok Hemant Kumar Garima Malik Gaurav Mahendru Karthick Atman Ranju Walia Diti Kotecha Dinesh Sharma

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