Coming Full Circle: Mentza Community Architect Meet

Mentza has taught me that a strong community is a place of growth & meaningful conversations, an opportunity to network & a chance to live your creativity, and a place where stories are shared, & lives are impacted.

The Mentza community architects and creators get-together in Bangalore was a fantastic reaffirmation of this belief.

On Mentza we have built 19 communities in one year, each with a super-passionate Community Architect helping 100s of sharers and curious learners in each community to build their channels and engaging 100s of thousands of members. Conversations are full of stories, anecdotes, and insights. Make sure that every 20-minute conversation is time well spent learning & collaborating in a fun & social way. It’s no wonder, the platform already hosts over 200K minutes of content across 520 weekly channels and 1000s of circles. A day-long workshop to shape the plans for Year 2 has all of us fired up with what we have in store.

A big shout out to all the wonderful Community Architects, who make Mentza a safe & beautiful space for all of us.

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