Mentza invites you to Find Your Circle

The new brand campaign of Mentza is here. The colorful campaign reflects the vibrancy of conversations on Mentza where people share their stories in live audio format with others. While you are at it, you are likely to meet your circle of like-minded people to engage with.

So we invite you to come, join conversations on Mentza and find your circle with people you vibe with. Or if you are looking for a safe place to engage meaningfully with your own community, reach out to us at and we will help you get going.

Find Your Circle on Mentza

Mentza is designed with a host of features for community building. There are public and private spaces where thousands of conversations happen, on every imaginable topic. You can join these conversations to listen or speak, or start your own circle in a topic of your interest. You are likely to meet people who are encouraging and respectful of each other. In short 20 minute focused, conversations, people share their ideas, tell their stories and vibe with each other. There is no better place for an enjoyable conversation.

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