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Every day, we all want to meditate, invoke positive thoughts, get better at a hobby, learn a few new things, and go to bed with a calm positive mind for a good night’s sleep. But then, life takes over. Before the day begins, it is over. All in a jiffy. And we promise ourselves that tomorrow will be different.

Good daily habits, are all around us. Be it laughing clubs, running groups, yoga and meditation sessions or singing and Pilates studios. But the thing about habits is that it’s easy to be attracted to them, slightly tougher to get started and very difficult to maintain, build and perfect. Sometimes because it’s not fun, or because it takes too much effort or perhaps because it’s too lonely. At other times we give up because there is no coach to help you develop that habit, one step at a time, into excellence.

In covid times, we did end up digitising a lot of our daily rituals through online programs on YouTube or Spotify. While they filled in, what was lacking is the social-ness, something that i believe is key for daily habits to become rituals.

Dailies Programming on Mentza

Well, all that and more is what we have packed for the first time ever under a curated set of daily programs called DAILIES – SOCIAL RITUALS. Each daily, whether it be Mantra Chanting or Fluency with English or Dil Se Talks, is designed and facilitated by experts to deliver 20-minutes of self care & wellbeing every day of the week. 

Here’s the list of what we are starting with. Go sign up and join the inner circle of what makes your life better. 

Indulge, Practice, Socialise, Share, Learn and Grow. 

I have been practicing behavioural sciences for over 15 years, trying to encourage behaviour change in the most difficult of challenges like HIV prevention, Sanitation, Road Safety, Health and Financial decision making. This required me to deeply understand the nuances of human behaviour & decision making and designing interventions that nudge behaviour change. But after years of doing this work, my conclusion is that nothing works harder than making things easy, fun and social.

Good habits need not be serious endeavours. They can be fun and indulgent. They don’t need to be a lonely chore. They can be social and desirable.

Mentza Dailies, are short 20-minute sessions, everyday same time, where members are part of an inner-circle, that indulges, socialises, practices and grows together.

End Note

Wellbeing is perhaps the most important thing that we can gift ourselves. Unfortunately its not a destination but a continuous journey. A habit that we build and indulge in. For me, I have always fancied the idea of singing, so it was easy to pick Riyaaz with Sheila and croon along sometimes, even while learning every day. My second pick is the late night story session with Deepika, Usha and Sarita (DUS @ DUS), a good way to end the day with some good thoughts. 

Sign-up for the Dailies, that most helps you build on everyday Happiness & Wellbeing and start an amazing journey.

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Anurag Vaish
Anurag Vaish

Co-Founder Mentza | Co-Founder Finalmile

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