When is a Community ‘Not’ A Community? Top 5 Reasons

On Mentza we set ourselves on a path to build the largest, most vibrant audio community of meaningful conversations!

Building a Community does not happen overnight. But the starting point always is a sense of fellowship & bonding for a purpose. And these take time to evolve.

What we are fairly sure about are though are these Top 5 reasons that DO NOT make a Community!

1. Not a single persons agenda
It is a fellowship. A group of people who come together for a cause, idea, purpose that connects them at a deeper level. An idea may have started with an individual and now it belongs to the community!

2. Not an adda or an idle timepass place 
Yep. Not a place, where in the name of bonding, chit-chat happens. Clear actions and progress towards the goal are non negotiable.

3. Not always inclusive. They can be exclusive too.
One thing we are learning is that what makes some communities tick are the standards they set for themselves and define them openly. In a harmless, non-discriminatory way. Just like some brands take a stance that they may not be for everyone – communities can be super focussed and thrive too!

4. Not an extended distribution channel for your products or services 
Biggest mistake most brands make is to build purely transactional channels! Those are not communities – just wrongly labelled!

5. Not nested in a single platform but nested across mediums.
For communities to be successful and grow and thrive they must have multiple nesting places. Text based communities serve a specific purpose only, visual and videos have their own advantage – and audio communities like Mentza where real time engagement, conversations and connections build can be the game changer!

What else can you think of that DO NOT constitute Community? Do leave your thoughts in the comments!

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