How to Manage Mental Well-being by doing things we know we should do?

There is no dearth of science, medicine, psychological help and in equal parts cynicism & fatalism to mental well being. So while on the one hand we have Deepika Padukone talk about the sensitivity of the issue and her own experiences with it, on the other we have Kapil Dev being rather dismissive of modern day stress amongst sports person.

We know that new drugs to treat mental illness have been far and few in between and there is great likelihood of new & effective pills soon. Also we know how the world of yoga, mediation and self care have sprung a whole new means of managing the self. There is also a plethora of AI and app-supported technologies to help navigate one through the challenges that mental well-being poses in our day-to-day stressful lives.

But, having practiced behavioural sciences and delivered behavioural change in a whole set of challenging circumstances, my personal belief is that despite propensity & prevalence of neuronal disorders and absence of accurate treatment, we have a simple way out.

And that way is to do what we all know are the right things to do. Things that we almost 100% control on, things that we know and believe are effective, but things that we often miss out on doing.

(Do check out this conversation of Dr. Sanjay Gupta where he talks about his book KEEP SHARP)

On this MENTAL HEALTH DAY, let’s not just recognise the importance of acknowledging, admitting and discussing our situations with others but also once again begin to do those simple things that we know work.

On Mentza, today we have set-up a series of conversations that allows us to openly discuss, share personal stories and create simple goals to effectively institute behaviours that we know will help us take better care of our mental well being.

Here they are. Join Anand Parameswaran, Uday Kiran, Sreepriya Menon and me and share your thoughts.

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  3. Mental Well Being: Feel No shame : 4:00 PM IST
  4. Mental Well Being: Move More : 4:30PM IST
  5. Mental Well Being: Lets Get Social : 5:30PM IST
  6. Mental Well Being: Do new things : 6:00 PM IST
  7. Mental Well Being: Eat Right: 7:00 PM IST
  8. Mental Well Being: Sleep Well: 7:30POM IST
  9. Mental Well-being: Watch what you watch! : 8:30 PM IST
  10. How to Build a Personal Board of Directors? :10:00 PM IST

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Anurag Vaish
Anurag Vaish

Founder Mentza | Co-Founder Finalmile Consulting | Behavioral Sciences

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