Why is Monetization Important for Content Platforms and Creators?

Last week we started allowing creators to monetize their content on Mentza. We believe that the this would allow creators with great quality content to get rewarded for their hard work. Here are the reasons why we believe that monetization is an important step in the evolution of any content platform.

Why is Monetization important for a content platform like Mentza?

  1. Better Quality Content
    Mentza is a learning platform and so we need better and better quality of content getting generated each passing day. So long as the quality of content improves with each passing day, we are on the right path. Direct monetization of content attracts serious creators who are not looking to create just popular content, but those with substance
  2. Safe and Inclusive Maintaining a clean and safe platform is incredibly difficult. Paid content restricts trolls and disruptors and make the platform better suited for learners, especially those who are more vulnerable to abuse
  3. Flexibility to cater to different audiences Monetization features allow creators to set the right price for what they offer, depending on the value that they deliver to learners. It makes it flexible for creators to develop content for different audiences, in different formats, with different durations etc. And they have immediate visibility & feedback on what people are willing to pay for different types of content. On Mentza, we have made the platform flexible for all these formats to happen.

    We are already seeing demand for short & long formats, daily & weekly sessions, workshops, courses, continuous engagement formats, one-on-one sessions, monetized communities & learning groups.
  4. Value and Commitment Paid content drives higher engagement amongst users. Paid content attracts a different level of commitment amongst users, because people’s decisions to join a workshop or a course is often not an instantaneous one, but planned & thought through. When we spoke with various content creators and platforms that started monetizing earlier, they all maintain that paid content improves user commitment & progress. This means that users benefit more from their engagement and creators get a healthier and more consistent user base
  5. Uninterrupted User Experience You can have much better control over user experience with direct monetization methods. You don’t have to interrupt what users are doing (to serve them ads), but can enhance what they are doing with features that benefit them. In our case, features that help people track their progress in learning, assess their own conversational styles etc. are the ones we are focused on building

An app is not a static thing, As we go forward we need to improve the quality of the product. Build features that help users. For example, we are building features that allow people to evaluate their conversational style, we are building features for each learning


Inviting All

Coaches, Institutions and Influencers

As we move into the next phase of growth, we invite creators to join in to benefit from the new revolution in learning – Live audio. If you are a creator or coach looking at being an early entrant in this medium reach out to us on help@mentza.com. You can download Mentza from Play Store or App Store and feel for yourself the power of live audio in learning.

Anand Parameswaran
Anand Parameswaran

Co-founder at Mentza, Formerly, Co-founder at FinalMile

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