The easiest way to learn to speak in English

Playing is fun. Learning is not. Or that’s how most people think about playing & learning. What if we combine playing & learning? What if we make English learning a natural outcome of playing? That is when learning becomes easy and fun. Coaches on Mentza have made learning easy by using games to help learn English. If you want to listen to some of them that have already happened, here’s a link

Play to learn English

And if you want to participate in some of them, here’s a wonderful opportunity. From 28th to 30th of November, there is going to be 3 days of fun learning in English with games. You can download Mentza from Play Store or App Store and participate in this event. There will be loads of fun and plenty of rewards.

Here are some of the sessions planned during this event. There are many more, and you can join them from Mentza App. Look for the ‘Play Games, Learn English’ banners in the app and click on them to find all the games .

Taboo: A game where participants guess a word using clues

Rookie Narrator: Participants will narrate a story in exaggerated accents

Translate songs- Hindi to English: As the name suggests, participants translate popular Hindi songs to English

Interview game changer: Imagine you’re interviewing a celebrity. What would you ask them?


Start practicing your English today

This is an opportunity to start improving your spoken English skills – build your confidence in speaking, improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary. So join in the fun. No need to go anywhere, just pick up your phone, download Mentza (if you haven’t already done that 😉), and start playing.

Nancy Verma

English Fluency & Confidence Coach
A conversation specialist with high focus on Emotional Intelligence & Empathy. Helps individuals attain self-acceptance & become their most confident self.

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