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It’s been over 15 years since I got my first taste of Behavioral Sciences. The book Influence by Robert Cialdini is magical in driving people to change their mindset, almost 180 degree. From how one mostly thinks about influencing human behaviours and how it actually happens, quite effortlessly. After several years when he and I happen to be co-speakers at a conference in San Francisco, i had the opportunity to personally thank him for writing perhaps the most simple and yet one of the most effective book on Behavioral Sciences

Despite all the hype and glorification that Behavioral Sciences has received ever since Kahneman won the Nobel prize, it continues to be more in the realms of being entertaining rather than useful. Every time I conduct a workshop, I find people highly impressed, fascinated and entertained by the quirky examples. Putting it out into practice, no matter how useful it is, still remains a minority practice across the world. 

I guess this is mostly because of ‘easy-to-read’ literature, lab oriented research & academics and the ‘Nudge’ narrative that potential behavior change practitioners are surrounded by, which makes the science sound gimmicky. 

Not unusual therefore to have people often asking about a few book references or narrate a problem and seek immediate nudgy-answers. While I am mostly lost for words in such situations, what isn’t lost on anyone is the need for continuous learning, more conversations, real world examples and an evolving process to science.

So here it is. A first of its kind, deep learning group on behavioural sciences. With practitioners and enthusiasts engaging briefly almost every day, to build knowledge, applicability and hopefully mastery in this very useful science.

What can you expect in this Behavioural Sciences Learning Group community?

The community is curated by Research, Strategy and Design professionals with over 100 years of cumulative experience in this field. These folks have experience in finance, CPG, safety, social change & what have you across geographies to ensure rounded conversations with loads of anecdotes and insights. 

And then, this is just the beginning …

So bring your friends and colleagues along, jump in and let’s get started. Whether you’re a Behavioral Sciences student, a professional, or an enthusiast, delve into concepts, applications, and venture beyond Nudge and Sludge with other practitioners and experts. This is the place to be, for Behavior Sciences in the real world!.

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Anurag Vaish
Anurag Vaish

Founder Mentza | Co-Founder Finalmile Consulting | Behavioral Sciences

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