Learning.. the fun way

If I say “just play a game and it will help improve your English speaking skills”, what would you say? English learning group on Mentza recently conducted an event just like that. An event where members tried to find English language equivalents to idioms like ‘Jahan chah vaha rah’. They scratched their heads trying to find an English sentence that means that same as this song lyrics “..tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karu.. 🌶️”.

I don’t remember laughing as hard at anything else in a while. Other members participated in concepts like.. ‘stories with a twist’ where they took a well known story like ‘The thirsty crow’ and tried to find a different ending. Other times, members learned the difference between open ended and close ended questions by playing the game of
’20 questions’.

They also learned how to keep the conversations going by asking open ended questions in place of close ended questions. There was some more learning in playing tongue twisters and improving the speech clarity. It all had beautiful energy, lessons & loads of fun.

So tell me, would you play to learn?

If this piqued your curiosity, I have made a list of all the games 😄.

Nancy Verma
Nancy Verma

English Fluency & Confidence Coach
A conversation specialist with high focus on Emotional Intelligence & Empathy. Helps individuals attain self-acceptance & become their most confident self.

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