Gratitude: The Building Block for Social Goodness

There is much to be happy about. Perhaps as much to be careful and apprehensive about. But in the few years that have just gone by, there is just way too much to be grateful about. That we are still alive, back to being social beings, that our kids are back in schools, that the gloom and doom is gradually fading away. Everything.

Gratitude is a reciprocal upward spiral that is not only rewarding for the recipients but also ensures that new occasions to be grateful would result from this expression of gratitude. It not only feeds a cycle of gratefulness, it actually creates actions that one needs to be grateful about.

Human Science of Gratitude

A moment of gratitude, no matter how benign and sometimes seemingly unneeded, triggers a power-packed series of social and personal effects all around us.

a. People perceive the giver as not just humble but also someone with higher sense of honesty, integrity and selflessness

b. A reciprocal obligation in the receiver to show gratitude towards others who have been helpful

c. A reciprocal urge in the act in ways that others feel grateful towards you.

d. An altruistic urge amongst onlookers, a need to belong in that group of people who are helpful and grateful to each other.

Celebrating Moments of Gratitude

The idea that one is awkward about receiving gratitude but keen to show gratitude is commonplace. Listen to this fireside conversation on Mentza “What’s tougher?Giving Gratitude or Receiving?” to hear for yourselves.

This imbalance almost always ruins the mini-celebration that a moment of gratitude deserves. It’s my firm belief that to learn how to show gratitude, we must first learn how to receive one with grace & humility. Our rituals are a great example of it. When we touch someone’s feet as a show of respect, the almost automated response is a loving had on your head blessing you. Similarly when someone shares gratitude, the response has to be one of attentive listening followed by a note of appreciation. That’s about it. This is all that’s needed to trigger the personal and social effects that I have listed above.

Mentza: Designed for Learning, Fuelled by Gratitude

Using live-audio for social learning was always meant to be driven by prosocial altruistic behaviours of people who have stories to share and by the gratitude that absorbers feel in every moment of enrichment. These moments of collaborations are well captured on mentza. They not only celebrate people but also helps one relive those beautiful and meaningful moments one spent with others.

To build a culture of gratitude on Mentza we have developed umpteen number of unique badges that listeners and speakers can share with speakers in live calls. So instead of the meaningless hearts flying around or a very transactional tip/ buy me a coffee, what we have are these badges that show gratitude in a moment and remain decorated in your profiles for ever.

So when you are next on mentza look out for the badges you receive and the ones that you could give away to speakers who are enriching our lives, through those crisp 20-minute live audio conversations.

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Anurag Vaish
Anurag Vaish

Co-Founder Mentza | Co-Founder Finalmile | Behavioral Sciences

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