5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Day and Get Your Life Back

Have you ever met someone who says, ‘I want to be unhealthy’? I highly doubt it. Everybody is seeking a well balanced life, but the question is how to make that happen. It doesn’t have to be as elusive as some make it out to be. Well-being is all about balancing your body, mind and soul so here are 5 easy steps which you can easily incorporate into your day.  

STEP 1 : Detox your body

Wellness begins with the body. Because of the lifestyle we follow today, our body gathers lots of waste that need to be flushed out regularly else its an invitation for diseases to run amok. Your body doesn’t actually require special diets or expensive supplements to eliminate toxins. But some strategies can help rejuvenate your body’s natural detoxification system. How to? 3 things you can do today

  • Start your day with a glass of warm water. 
  • Track your water intake through the day. Most of the time the body just needs enough water to flush out the waste.
  • Incorporate raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. Start with one of each and work your way up

There are also many advanced Ayurvedic and modern techniques which are very powerful like – Sankhaprakshalan, castor oil cleansing method, etc. We will discuss some of these in detail in our subsequent blogs.

STEP 2 : Empower your body

After the detoxification you need to empower the body. How to? Begin with simple yoga exercises, breathing techniques like anulom-vilom, rhythmic cardiac breathing, and fast breathing method, for just twenty minutes a day. It will unlock the potential energy in your body and make it kinetic. You will feel fresh, enthusiastic and powerful through the day, it will multiply your productivity. You can do it by yourself at home without any expensive equipment.

STEP 3 : Declutter your mind

A clear mind is always more productive than a cluttered mind. Right now your mind is full of so much unnecessary information. We need to de-clutter it. How to? Calm your mind with some relaxation meditation exercises like Vipassana meditation, Yog-nindra, Shambhavi mahamudra, etc. They may sound complicated but with the help of a guide it can be transformational. Give it a listen.

STEP 4 :Activate your mind

Once the mind is clear and calm, now you need to empower it, make it intense and focused. How to? Do some simple mantra chanting exercises to increase focus, to increase memory power, and articulation power. Plant in it some powerful cognition. Powerful cognitions make mind powerful. Be in the company of highly positive people, have meaningful conversations with them regularly.

STEP 5 :Re-connect to life

In the hurly-burly of life we often forget to connect to Life within us, the source, the Divine. It’s important to sometimes feel ourselves, be grateful for what we have. How to? For some listening to the teachings from Bhagwad Gita, Gurubani, Bible, can be healing and for other the practice of self affirmations and gratitude journaling can have the same impact. These practices keep you grounded while giving you the lightness to soar high and achieve every success.

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