How do you know if you are ready to GIVE?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

It’s a life long endeavour to earn what we so crave for. Thankfully it only takes one moment of reflection to realise that it’s even more rewarding to give it back. 

This note of mine is much less a blog, but really more of an invitation to all of you amazing people who have found their gifts and now are ready to give some of it back to the young folks across the country who are still busy finding theirs. 

A week or so back, Uday, a very good old friend and an amazing Giver on Mentza, asked me what I expect to gain from networking on LinkedIn. Without a moment of hesitation I said I am hunting for givers, which is what I believe 90% of my network is, and facilitating their journey of giving. Not looking for influencers who are still keen to take a lot more than what they can give. But TRUE GIVERS. And I am convinced that most of you who are reading this note are ready to be a GIVER. 

So how do I Know?

So how do you know whether you are ready to give. Here’s a quick checklist on the mindset of a giver: Self administer it. If at least 3 of 6 are a YES, then I am confident that you are ready to enjoy GIVING.

A. If you are a Giver you most likely have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all those people and privileges that you were fortunate to have.  Those that propelled your journey to achievement. 

B. You are able to empathise, without any ifs & buts, with those that are struggling in spaces where you were many years back. You trust their genuine need to receive without judging their effort, discipline and desire. 

C. You are a die-hard fan of reciprocity. You realise that you took more than what you gave for the longest time. And now is the time to give way-way more that what you take. 

D. You realise that giving is not a sacrifice of your own goals and successes but instead you have come to a time & space where the two are un-correlated. 

E. That your urge to give doesn’t come from a place of guilt. Low self-esteem or mid-life crisis but from a pure positivity of wanting to give when you can, just like you took when you needed to. 

F. And that you will stop giving when you stop enjoying it. For nothing is worth a dime if it doesn’t make one happy. 

Unlikely that any of us would have all of these sensibilities, but to have a few of them is critical for one to feel the Joy of Giving. Otherwise it’s just reluctant happiness.

Meet some GIVERS on Mentza

Givers always win

Givers win, interestingly with no one losing. We have designed Mentza in ways to create a rewarding experience for the experts and mentors who selflessly give. No greater than the emotional connection that one experiences in live audio. But several others as well.

Getting started on Your Giving Journey

During covid times, 9 of us started to build Mentza, a space for mentoring young people from across the country. Despite several suggestions to move Mentza into a social media kind of a space where people find frivolous entertainment, we have steadfastly driven Mentza  more and more towards a growth platform. A platform where people find growth in short-20-minute conversations.

We have been supported by 100s of super givers who help people speak confidently, get a hang of spoken english, find ways of bettering their careers, develop team and leadership skills, build global perspectives, get familiar with literature & art, find mental strength to succeed and collaborate with peers & experts alike. 

If YOU are ready to be a GIVER, all you need to do is to get started. Join Mentza. Start a weekly 20-minute channel. Send me a DM if you need any facilitation. And start feeling the Joy of Giving. 

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Anurag Vaish

Co-Founder Mentza | Co-Founder Finalmile | Behavioral Sciences

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