Understanding the role of Values & Beliefs in our growth journey

This blog is the based on a conversation on Executive Presence as part of a series of discussions on 7 growth skills on Mentza & hosted by Devraj Ghosh

The desire to grow is innate in us as human beings. An essential part of personal and professional growth is having a compass to guide us to our true north star. This discussion explores the importance of coaching and mentoring in discovering and aligning our values and beliefs to foster growth in both professional competencies and personal soft skills. Listen to the full recording for an insightful conversation on this topic. This blog is a summary of key points from that conversation

Understanding Values and Beliefs:

Values are deeply held principles that set standards for our behavior in daily life. They serve as our compass, guiding us in giving worth to situations, events, and occurrences. On the other hand, beliefs are assumptions we make about our world, shaped by what we see, hear, read, or experience. Beliefs can be religious, political, social, or personal. When held strongly, beliefs can lead to values. It is important to note that values unite, while beliefs often create discord or disharmony.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Values:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides a useful framework for understanding how our values evolve. The hierarchy consists of lower-order deficiency needs (survival, safety, security) and higher-order growth needs (self-awareness, purpose, contribution to society). As we progress through life, we may pivot from fear-based needs to value-based needs. Aligning our actions with our values leads to harmony and well-being.

Determining Your Core Values:

This discussion also provides techniques for you to evaluate and identify your core values and that could be your guiding principles for decision making in the future. Listen to the whole conversation here to learn about how values and beliefs could shape your decision making

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