The Mystery of Misnomers

Image by Dwi Rizki Tirtasujana from Pixabay This blog is based on a discussion on Mentza by @sumaiyavariava on misnomers. You can listen to the full conversation by clicking on the button below if you prefer to listen than read Listen to this Conversation Today, let us embark on a fascinating journey into the world... Continue Reading →

Insights From an HR Leader Who Has Helped Companies Like Google and Facebook Scale Their People Resources

Dr. Manoj Varghese, a former HR leader at Google and Facebook, shares his insights on how to improve recruitment outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of structured interviews, interviewer training, and assessing a candidate's attitude, skills, and knowledge. He also discusses the evolving job market and the role of artificial intelligence in creating new opportunities. To succeed in the present and future job markets, individuals must remain open to learning and showcase a positive attitude during interviews. Preparation and strong communication skills are key to landing a job offer.

Monitoring Progress for Goal Achievement

There is one difference you often notice between people who achieve their goals and those who don't. People who succeed, consistently monitor their progress and make course corrections. But even with progress monitoring, many fail to achieve their goals. What more can we do to improve our chances of success? This was the question that... Continue Reading →

How to speak in English confidently

It was in 2016 while I was meeting the ex-MD of a leading bank on a business proposal, that our discussions veered towards Corporate Social Responsibility. He casually mentioned a friend of his who teaches English to children from underprivileged communities. She would gather them all in her house and then she would start describing... Continue Reading →

100s of Community Radios Going Live

When over 300 communities from the deepest village in Nagaland to the biggest metro in India come together to share their stories, when voices from these communities across the country, - irrespective of geography, language, social hierarchy, gender or any other differences - are heard across the world, we get closer to our dream of... Continue Reading →

Mentza invites you to Find Your Circle

The new brand campaign of Mentza is here. The colorful campaign reflects the vibrancy of conversations on Mentza where people share their stories in live audio format with others. While you are at it, you are likely to meet your circle of like-minded people to engage with. So we invite you to come, join conversations... Continue Reading →

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