Build Expertise in Behavioral Sciences

It's been over 15 years since I got my first taste of Behavioral Sciences. The book Influence by Robert Cialdini is magical in driving people to change their mindset, almost 180 degree. From how one mostly thinks about influencing human behaviours and how it actually happens, quite effortlessly. After several years when he and I... Continue Reading →

No Story Untold. No Voice Unheard.

Every independence day is one step away from the shackles of the colonial past, and one confident steps towards unity and progress. Mentza's mission is to be the place where people from all walks of our society come together to share their stores, to be heard, to learn and grow, one 20-min conversation at a... Continue Reading →

Mentza Dailies

Everyday Social Rituals Now on Mentza Every day, we all want to meditate, invoke positive thoughts, get better at a hobby, learn a few new things, and go to bed with a calm positive mind for a good night's sleep. But then, life takes over. Before the day begins, it is over. All in a... Continue Reading →

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