Breaking The Bias with Mentza Co-founders

I have been fortunate to have had a front-row seat to witness my co-founders Tapasi, Jayal and Divya, gracefully demolish all prevailing negative stereotypes about women co-founders. They have confidently led and navigated their spheres of responsibility impeccably, while also balancing their family lives. May their examples and those of others like them inspire societies... Continue Reading →

Business Literature Festival 2022

Mentza and BIMTECH got together for a first of its kind business literature festival on an audio platform. 20-minute conversations on business literature bought out unique perspectives from a diverse set of panelists. Beginning with the relevance of business literature festivals, exploring newer mediums for reading; how books can be tools for brand building; evolution... Continue Reading →

Mentza Booker List 2021: Top 15

On the Book Club, in the course of over 30 weeks, we’ve listened to Mentza folks on the joys of reading, their favourite genres and most importantly having conversations on the books they had just finished reading and were keen to share.  I think having a conversation about the book one has just finished reading... Continue Reading →

Mentza in 2021

It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and collective wisdom. What we have at the end of the year are beautiful communities where members come together and share their experiences, their hacks, their stories, tips and tricks. In... Continue Reading →

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