Why is a Circle Core to Mentza?

In the realm of live audio apps, Mentza stands out as a platform that fosters learning, growth, and meaningful connections. At the core of this app lies a concept that encapsulates the essence of its community: the Circle. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of why Mentza chose to name its most... Continue Reading →

Content Half-Life & The Half-Life of Relevance | Thought Principles for Content Creation For Brands

Do you ever wonder how long your content remains relevant to your audience? In this blog, we explore the concept of content half-life and the half-life of relevance. Inspired by a conversation on Mentza, we delve into the duration that pieces of content take to reach 50% of their total lifetime engagement. While algorithms are great at measuring engagement, they fail at measuring common sense. We also introduce the term "the half-life of relevance" and how it measures the rate of decay of content's relevance over time. As a brand, it's crucial to focus on your audience and create content that answers one fundamental question: "Is this content piece hangout-able?" In this blog, we discuss tactics to increase relevance and hangoutability, such as focusing on audience interests, participating actively in the digital ecosystem, and creating unique, intriguing content.

Insights From an HR Leader Who Has Helped Companies Like Google and Facebook Scale Their People Resources

Dr. Manoj Varghese, a former HR leader at Google and Facebook, shares his insights on how to improve recruitment outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of structured interviews, interviewer training, and assessing a candidate's attitude, skills, and knowledge. He also discusses the evolving job market and the role of artificial intelligence in creating new opportunities. To succeed in the present and future job markets, individuals must remain open to learning and showcase a positive attitude during interviews. Preparation and strong communication skills are key to landing a job offer.

Social Stock Exchange – What are they?

A Social Stock Exchange is a new concept in India. This article and linked podcast tries to explain what a Social Stock Exchange is, who is it for and how does it operate. This is the edited transcript of a discussion on Mentza, the live audio learning app

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