Brand v/s Business v/s Marketing

The age-old conversation. Brand v/s Business. "Do I grow one, do I grow both? Why do I need a good brand, I should focus on my business? My business has a great brand. My brand value ensures business. What will my business gain from the brand? What will my brand gain in terms of business?... Continue Reading →

How to Grab Attention From Your Audience?

'Curiosity grabs attention. Curiosity also killed the cat.' We are told to make a powerful opening at a presentation or a 1 - 1 conversation. 'Grab their attention!' is the commonest advice. It's also the reason most of us don't get started beyond the first presentation slide until the last minute. Countless books don't get... Continue Reading →

6 handy Interview Tips

You have waited for a long time and today you got a call for this interview. It’s showtime. You are excited, enthusiastic, and positive but still a bit nervous. But hey, don’t worry. It’s OK to feel nervous. (But it’s not ok to show it). Now, what to do next? Remember, " Proper Preparation Prevents... Continue Reading →

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