Monitoring Progress for Goal Achievement

There is one difference you often notice between people who achieve their goals and those who don't. People who succeed, consistently monitor their progress and make course corrections. But even with progress monitoring, many fail to achieve their goals. What more can we do to improve our chances of success? This was the question that... Continue Reading →

Learning.. the fun way

If I say "just play a game and it will help improve your English speaking skills", what would you say? English learning group on Mentza recently conducted an event just like that. An event where members tried to find English language equivalents to idioms like 'Jahan chah vaha rah'. They scratched their heads trying to... Continue Reading →

Does your accent really matter?

Everyday English can be scary especially if you're spreading your wings and beginning to learn a new language. Now if you've heard a quick comment or two on your accent, congratulate yourself; you're courageous & bilingual, probably multilingual. Accent is tricky. It's acquired and depends on so many factors like your native language & your... Continue Reading →

6 handy Interview Tips

You have waited for a long time and today you got a call for this interview. It’s showtime. You are excited, enthusiastic, and positive but still a bit nervous. But hey, don’t worry. It’s OK to feel nervous. (But it’s not ok to show it). Now, what to do next? Remember, " Proper Preparation Prevents... Continue Reading →

How to speak in English confidently

It was in 2016 while I was meeting the ex-MD of a leading bank on a business proposal, that our discussions veered towards Corporate Social Responsibility. He casually mentioned a friend of his who teaches English to children from underprivileged communities. She would gather them all in her house and then she would start describing... Continue Reading →

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