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  • Continuous Bettering 

    In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) our goals, visions and endeavours are constantly updating. While early formative years do shape our being, personal development never stops. Continuously borrowing from other people’s stories while shaping your own is perhaps the one way to stay ahead. Mentza is a place like that where mentors, […]

  • Mentza in 2021

    It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and collective wisdom. What we have at the end of the year are beautiful communities where members come together and share their experiences, their hacks, their stories, tips and tricks. In […]

  • Eat Drink Travel Repeat

    Food & Travel Conversations On Mentza Mentza enables you to vicariously experience the experiences of others. From trivia about ‘Biryanis’ to busting myths about alcohol. From exploring food cultures across the globe to talking about ‘poop coffee’ (yes, you read that right), let’s take a look at some of the great conversations we’ve had on […]

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