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  • The easiest way to learn to speak in English

    Playing is fun. Learning is not. Or that’s how most people think about playing & learning. What if we combine playing & learning? What if we make English learning a natural outcome of playing? That is when learning becomes easy and fun. Coaches on Mentza have made learning easy by using games to help learn […]

  • antique bills business cash

    Why is Monetization Important for Content Platforms and Creators?

    Last week we started allowing creators to monetize their content on Mentza. We believe that the this would allow creators with great quality content to get rewarded for their hard work. Here are the reasons why we believe that monetization is an important step in the evolution of any content platform. Why is Monetization important […]

  • Business Storytelling for Cracking Job Interviews

    This is not a fad. Neither is this title a red herring to grab your attention. Job interviews are make or break situations. Hence, the common advice all of us have received is ‘Hey, do not try anything new. Do not experiment. Just stick to the tried and tested. And do not make up stories!’ […]

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