Social Stock Exchange – What are they?

A Social Stock Exchange is a new concept in India. This article and linked podcast tries to explain what a Social Stock Exchange is, who is it for and how does it operate. This is the edited transcript of a discussion on Mentza, the live audio learning app

Behavioral Science: Why the Disillusionment?

The world started to sit up and take notice of Behavioral Science about a decade or so ago. We now have Nudge Units where Behavioral Science informs government policies, Consulting arms that apply learnings from these sciences to solve business problems in multiple domains, and Behavioral Science-based approaches that are helping tackle the most wicked... Continue Reading →

Brand v/s Business v/s Marketing

The age-old conversation. Brand v/s Business. "Do I grow one, do I grow both? Why do I need a good brand, I should focus on my business? My business has a great brand. My brand value ensures business. What will my business gain from the brand? What will my brand gain in terms of business?... Continue Reading →

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