#1MinuteStories : Taking Fresh Guard at 50

Tuesdays 7:30 PM IST has been #1MinuteStories time on Mentza for the last 49 weeks. As #1MinuteStories steps into the 50th consecutive week on Tue, April 26th, I doff may hat and raise my bat to express gratitude to each one of you for being on this incredible journey.  #1MinuteStories joins the league of Startup... Continue Reading →

Communities On Mentza

https://youtu.be/QLQpZ4_Uw1Y Over the last several months we have been developing a social audio platform where people engaged in short conversations that are stories of experiences, curiosities and expertise. Short conversations that were influencing the lives of each other. No wonder, the power of audio combined beautifully with the stories of people, to transform Mentza into... Continue Reading →

Continuous Bettering 

In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) our goals, visions and endeavours are constantly updating. While early formative years do shape our being, personal development never stops. Continuously borrowing from other people’s stories while shaping your own is perhaps the one way to stay ahead. Mentza is a place like that where mentors,... Continue Reading →

HeardOnMentza – Career Stories

Do career ladders look more like jungle gyms now? Do entrepreneurs have the special skill to capitalise on consumer truths that are hidden in plain sight? Do we need to innovate payment methods for the emerging gig workforce? Do fresh out of college entrepreneurs appreciate the value of ‘trust’ in building teams? Well, these and... Continue Reading →

Heard This On Mentza – Vol 6

Inflection Point Series by Vaishali Bhayani Shah: Leadership Stories Inflection points are like runways in the journey of a leader. They are moments when they really take off. All leaders have great stories about inflection points that shaped their journeys and brought about a shift for them. Vaishali Bhayani Shah has been bringing these stories... Continue Reading →

Heard This On Mentza – Vol 5

Cheering for 'HER' On Mentza last week, Shekhar Kapur spoke about the 'fear of being stuck in the ordinary'. When it comes to ‘HER’ I guess, we have so much inspiration all around, that there is really no cause for such fear. Last week on Mentza we were so fortunate to hear so many inspiring... Continue Reading →

Heard This On Mentza – Vol 4

One never knows where the next dose of inspiration will come from. On Mentza, we have stopped being surprised and started enjoying and expecting them. Sample some of these from the last week. Podcasting in India | 11 year old Abhieshri, a published author with Arisudan Yadav The voice says 11 years old. And the... Continue Reading →

Sound of Culture: Mehfil-e-Rajasthan

21 Episodes. Curated by Govind Singh Bhati and Sharon Genevive. Want to know what culture sounds like? Listen to this glorious series Mehfil-e-Rajasthan. It was a coming together of Mentza a new-age (& new) social audio platform that helps communities to engage meaningfully and the super-talented folk artists from Rajasthan who have been kept away... Continue Reading →

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