Content Half-Life & The Half-Life of Relevance | Thought Principles for Content Creation For Brands

Do you ever wonder how long your content remains relevant to your audience? In this blog, we explore the concept of content half-life and the half-life of relevance. Inspired by a conversation on Mentza, we delve into the duration that pieces of content take to reach 50% of their total lifetime engagement. While algorithms are great at measuring engagement, they fail at measuring common sense. We also introduce the term "the half-life of relevance" and how it measures the rate of decay of content's relevance over time. As a brand, it's crucial to focus on your audience and create content that answers one fundamental question: "Is this content piece hangout-able?" In this blog, we discuss tactics to increase relevance and hangoutability, such as focusing on audience interests, participating actively in the digital ecosystem, and creating unique, intriguing content.

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