How to Grab Attention From Your Audience?

'Curiosity grabs attention. Curiosity also killed the cat.' We are told to make a powerful opening at a presentation or a 1 - 1 conversation. 'Grab their attention!' is the commonest advice. It's also the reason most of us don't get started beyond the first presentation slide until the last minute. Countless books don't get... Continue Reading →

No Story Untold. No Voice Unheard.

Every independence day is one step away from the shackles of the colonial past, and one confident steps towards unity and progress. Mentza's mission is to be the place where people from all walks of our society come together to share their stores, to be heard, to learn and grow, one 20-min conversation at a... Continue Reading →

Mentza in 2021

It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and collective wisdom. What we have at the end of the year are beautiful communities where members come together and share their experiences, their hacks, their stories, tips and tricks. In... Continue Reading →

Heard This On Mentza – Vol 6

Inflection Point Series by Vaishali Bhayani Shah: Leadership Stories Inflection points are like runways in the journey of a leader. They are moments when they really take off. All leaders have great stories about inflection points that shaped their journeys and brought about a shift for them. Vaishali Bhayani Shah has been bringing these stories... Continue Reading →

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