Content Half-Life & The Half-Life of Relevance | Thought Principles for Content Creation For Brands

Do you ever wonder how long your content remains relevant to your audience? In this blog, we explore the concept of content half-life and the half-life of relevance. Inspired by a conversation on Mentza, we delve into the duration that pieces of content take to reach 50% of their total lifetime engagement. While algorithms are great at measuring engagement, they fail at measuring common sense. We also introduce the term "the half-life of relevance" and how it measures the rate of decay of content's relevance over time. As a brand, it's crucial to focus on your audience and create content that answers one fundamental question: "Is this content piece hangout-able?" In this blog, we discuss tactics to increase relevance and hangoutability, such as focusing on audience interests, participating actively in the digital ecosystem, and creating unique, intriguing content.

Brand v/s Business v/s Marketing

The age-old conversation. Brand v/s Business. "Do I grow one, do I grow both? Why do I need a good brand, I should focus on my business? My business has a great brand. My brand value ensures business. What will my business gain from the brand? What will my brand gain in terms of business?... Continue Reading →

Mentza in 2021

It’s been an overwhelming year. We set out to change the fundamental nature of how we collaborate, learn and grow by leveraging social energy and collective wisdom. What we have at the end of the year are beautiful communities where members come together and share their experiences, their hacks, their stories, tips and tricks. In... Continue Reading →

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