How to Grab Attention From Your Audience?

'Curiosity grabs attention. Curiosity also killed the cat.' We are told to make a powerful opening at a presentation or a 1 - 1 conversation. 'Grab their attention!' is the commonest advice. It's also the reason most of us don't get started beyond the first presentation slide until the last minute. Countless books don't get... Continue Reading →

#1MinuteStories : Taking Fresh Guard at 50

Tuesdays 7:30 PM IST has been #1MinuteStories time on Mentza for the last 49 weeks. As #1MinuteStories steps into the 50th consecutive week on Tue, April 26th, I doff may hat and raise my bat to express gratitude to each one of you for being on this incredible journey.  #1MinuteStories joins the league of Startup... Continue Reading →

Business Literature Festival 2022

Mentza and BIMTECH got together for a first of its kind business literature festival on an audio platform. 20-minute conversations on business literature bought out unique perspectives from a diverse set of panelists. Beginning with the relevance of business literature festivals, exploring newer mediums for reading; how books can be tools for brand building; evolution... Continue Reading →

Marvel vs DC

Listen to this conversation on Mentza. Depending on age this could be described as a rivalry between publishers or studios, you could be a fan of the comics or the movies or both but it's highly unlikely that you aren't on one of the sides of this great rivalry. “The Big two”  were crosstown rivals... Continue Reading →

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